The News From Poems

Throughout the month of April, To the Best of Our Knowledge will celebrate poetry with original work by five leading American poets, written in response to current events.

Poets bear witness to the world in ways the news cannot.  As William Carlos Williams famously noted, “It is difficult/to get the news from poems/yet men die miserably every day/for lack/of what is found there.” This month, TTBOOK is partnering with poetry website ASPHODEL to bring listeners powerful new work inspired by political and cultural issues in the headlines. 

Each week, TTBOOK will release a podcast featuring a reading of a freshly-written poem. We’ll also hear host Anne Strainchamps interview each poet about the personal stories behind the poems.

Vietnamese refugees

The News From Poems: “Inaugural”

Quan Barry is writing a new poem each week in response to current events.  And she’s invited other poets to join in. 

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love tech

The News From Poems: “Brush With Cymbals”

In his new poem, Fady Joudah explores questions about exile, suffering and the language of nation states.

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Fake news

The News From Poems: “Ode To the Dead of Bowling Green”

Poet Nick Lantz has been thinking about political spin and how his poems can play off the language of politics. 


The News From Poems: “WTF”

A near-accident has poet Laura Kasischke marveling at the fearlessness of young adults and also worrying about their future. 


The News From Poems: “November Eyes on Main Street”

Richard Blanco’s poem begins the day after the November election, as he struggles to make sense of a new political mood.

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