Olga Nunes on voice mail

March 10, 2013

Some time ago, Olga Nunes got an invitation to join an email Listserv of  more than 21,000 artists.  The rules of the Listserv are simple.  Every day, one person on the list is randomly selected to write an email and send it – to everyone else.  So when it’s your turn… what do you write? 

Olga Nunes records voicemail memories of smell.

WANT TO SHARE YOUR MEMORY TOO? Just call 415-857-0589 (it is a Google voicemail box).

Want to hear more memories from others?



I am poor and live in Berkeley. Trying to get ino senior public housing. I am a painter. Trying to stay alive. No food. When I smell a hot dog I remember Loving living in NYC my
Home. I miss it so much. I don't know if I can make it here. I want to go home, but I have no food not even a hot dog. This is living without any friends no paintings to visit at the Met.

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