Open Up?

February 28, 2013

Open relationships are no vestige of the swinging seventies. Although we don't know how many people have opened up, sex-educator Tristan Taormino says that you probably know someone in an open relationships, you just might not know that you know.

Taormino tells Steve Paulson that there are myriad manifestations of "open..."



I was disappointed that Ms. Taromino could not discuss the open relationship model without bashing monogamy. Even with the high rate of divorce, her description of monogamous relationships as mostly "dismal" seems skewed. I would think she could present open relationships as an option without completely disregarding those of us who are very fulfilled in a committed relationship with one significant other.

My ex-wife and I experimented with an open marriage for 6 months. Although it did not "fix" the problem with our marriage, it was the most exciting and authentic 6 months of our relationship. It demanded lots of communication, and we did have to wrestle with some of the emotions Ms. Taromino mentioned such as jealousy, envy, etc. I also agree with her opinion that the "one person for life" model is fundamentally broken, and we often end up with secret affairs, or serial monogamy. Great interview!

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