Other Worlds

April 22, 2012
(was 05.01.2011)

Whittier called them "the saddest words: it might have been."  But turn it around and you'll find places we create to replace the world we live in -- past, present and future.  On To the Best of Our Knowledge, other worlds. Scientist Brian Greene looks at the physics of the multiverse, and writer Patrick Rothfuss creates a world of his own.

  1. Patrick Rothfuss on The Kingkiller Chronicles

    When you're fed up with our world, take a mental holiday. We do. There are other worlds you can visit, like the one Patrick Rothfuss created and turned into a best- selling phenomenon.

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  2. Connie Willis on "Blackout" and "All Clear"

    In Connie Willis' world, historians can actually go to the past to study.

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  3. Jeff Greenfield on "Then Everything Changed"

    The past is a fascinating place to visit, especially when you consider how little it would take to make it an entirely different place.

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  4. Brian Greene on Parallel Universes

    Are alternative universes purely the stuff of make believe? Or could they actually exist?

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