Our Digital Lives

Image: Bryan Pearson Via: Flickr Creative Commons
November 16, 2014

The average American spends more time on Facebook than with their pets or exercising -- and that's not counting Twitter, Instagram, or Vine. We're more connected than ever these days, but at what cost?

  1. Reclaiming the Internet

    Filmmaker Astra Taylor believes our digital life is undemocratic -- that we're concentrating power into the hands of giant tech companies, who make money off our posts and tweet. She tells Anne Strainchamps why she believes there should be greater regulation of the Internet.

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  2. Sonic Sidebar: Alone Together

    For three decades, MIT professor Sherry Turkle's been looking at the ways we interact with machines. She believes our digital devices are taking a toll on our personal relationships.

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  3. When Everything Happens Now

    Ever feel overwhelmed by digital technology? You're not alone. Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff says it's changing our relationship to time, and we're having trouble adapting.

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  4. Who Owns the Future?

    Visionary computer scientist Jaron Lanier explores the rise of the tech industry in his book "Who Owns the Future?" In it, he explains why the next information economy is hurting the middle class.

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  5. Dangerous Idea: Save the Habitat for All Creatures

    Doug Peacock's Dangerous Idea? We need to save the planet before it's too late.

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  6. On Our Minds: Rethinking Our Approach to Climate Change

    In her latest book, "This Changes Everything," journalist Naomi Klein takes a critical view of our current approaches to climate change. She sees the solution resting in the hands of an emerging global movement.

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