Producer Picks

On Voting
Voting Sign
Should more people opt out of voting? As the supreme court considers redistricting rules around the country, we're listening back to this interview with Georgetown philosopher Jason Brennan.
Understanding Iraq
As the Iraqi army fights the advance of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), we're listening back to this interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Rohde, on the divide between...
On Our Minds: Being Cold
Winter. I am getting sick of this winter. It’s hard to get around. I’m never outside. I hate scraping and shoveling. . . And, I’m cold. And most likely you are cold too.
On Our Minds: Kim Gordon
Sonic Youth co-founder Kim Gordon’s new memoir, “Girl in a Band,” is on our minds this week. The book chronicles the influential band’s career and the end of the marriage between Gordon and fellow co...
And the Oscar Goes To...
Like many of you, we'll be tuning in to see who wins in this year's Academy Awards. Ever wonder how "The Oscars" got its name? Check out our interview with film scholar Emanuel...
Nixon Goes To China
President Richard M. Nixon arrived in Beijing on Feb. 21st, 1972, marking the first presidential visit to the most heavily-populated country in the world. Nixon was also the first president to visit...
On Our Minds: Slavery and Capitalism
When we think of slavery, many of us think of it as an historic trauma—something in the past that the nation"overcame" to become what it is today. But according to Edward Baptist, the instution of...
Love in 36 Questions
An image of a heart created by red ones and zeroes on a black background
Can a series of questions developed by a research psychologist really make two people fall in the love?
HBD, Ms. Morrison
Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison turns 84 this week. To celebrate, we're revisiting Steve’s conversation with Morrison about her identity.
The Maple Leaf Forever
It may seem like only half a century but Feb. 15th marks Canada’s the debut of Canada’s maple leaf flag. We salute our northern neighbor’s historic anniversary with Anne’s conversation with Ian...