On Our Mind: Producer Picks

"Everybody Gets a Flying Car!"
Image:Michael Pereckas Via:Flickr Creative Commons
It may seem like only 10 years ago but it's been a decade since Oprah Winfrey cars to all 276 members of her TV show's studio audience. We'd like to think that in some science-...
Fortifying Wine?
Image:Dave Dugdale Via:Flickr Creative Commons
Did you catch that new research suggesting that drinking wine and exercising (though not at the same time) might help keep down cholesterol levels? There seem to be lots of good reasons to take the...
Still Shrugging
The third installment in the film adaptation of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" hit theaters this week, including cameos from Ron Paul, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Here's Anne Heller...
Coming of Age in Palestine
Image:Wall in Palestine Via:Flickr Creative Commons
With the conflict between Israel and Palestine still very much on our minds, we're listening back to this interview with Raja Shehadeh on "Coming of Age in Occupied Palestine."
On Our Minds: Public Higher Education
Image: yusunkwon Via: Flickr Creative Commons
With colleges back in session, we're thinking about higher education this week. Christopher Newfield teaches literature and American Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He...
Ursula Le Guin
Image: OnceAndFutureLaura Via: Flickr Creative Commons
The National Book Foundation recently announced that it will award its 2014 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters to Ursula K. Le Guin at the National Book Awards ceremony in...
Man Booker Prize
Image: Timothy Valentine Via: Flickr Creative Commons
The shortlist for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction has just been announced, and it includes American authors Joshua Ferris and Karen Joy Fowler. Here are our recent interviews with the two writers.
The Final Frontier
Image: James Vaughan Via: Flickr Creative Commons
The original "Star Trek" television series premiered on NBC this week in 1966. In the nearly 50 years since, the franchise has spawned 12 films and multiple TV spin-offs. Here's our...
The Blitz
Image: David Merrigan Via: Flickr Creative Commons
The German air force began its blitz on London this week in 1940, bombing the city for nearly 40 consecutive weeks. It’s the scene of Connie Willis’ novels, “Blackout” and “All Clear,” which imagine...
On the Road
Image: Esteban Via: Flickr Creative Creative Commons
Jack Kerouac’s classic Beat novel, “On the Road,” was published this week in 1957. To celebrate, we're revisiting Steve’s conversation with John Leland about the lessons we can learn from “On...