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On Our Minds: Hip Hop Prophets
Image: tupacamarushakur Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Alex Gee is the Pastor of Fountain of Life Church in Madison, Wisconsin and co-author (with John Teter) of Jesus and the Hip Hop Prophets: Spiritual Insights from Lauryn Hill and 2PAC. Reverend Gee...
The Christmas Truce
Christmas Truce
This Christmas is the 100th anniversary of World War One's Christmas Truce. Here's historian Stanley Weintraub on why opposing soldiers put their guns aside, and sang carols together.
Villain or Victim?
December 22nd is the 30th anniversary of the Bernhard Goetz NYC subway shooting. On Dec. 22nd, 1984, Goetz, a 45-year-old white male, shot four young black men after they surrounded him on the subway...
Cuba, Then
With a change in US relations with Cuba in the news, we're thinking back to the revolution...
Doug on "Writing Funny"
Writing Funny
Here's Doug's note about the inspiration behind this week's "Writing Funny."
Old Testament Anew
A new movie about Moses is out in theaters. Will it change your life? Maybe. But former Slate editor David Plotz says reading the Old Testament changed his.
Virtual Ghosts
Ghost Computer
Ever wonder what might happen to your digital self after you die? In this short-story-turned-radio-drama, one listener shares his vision of a virtual "afterlife."
What Do Your Passwords Say About You?
Image: palomaleca via: flickr
Computer paswords are on on our minds this week.  "The New York Times" reporter Ian Urbina talks about his feature story, "The Secret Life of Passwords."
Remembering P.D. James
P.D. James
This week, we're remembering the British mystery writer P.D. James, who died recently at the age of 94. James wrote some of the most widely admired literary crime fiction of the last century,...
What It Takes to Torture
As analysts and pundits continue to assess the new report on the CIA's use of torture, we're wondering just who is - and who could be - at the controls during interrogation sessions.