Pistols and Petticoats: 175 Years of Lady Detectives

May 22, 2016

For TTBOOK host Anne Strainchamps her only encounters with guns happened in the pages of crime fiction -- usually, stories featuring women. Give her a woman and a gun and she was there for 200 plus pages.   Kinsey Milhone, VI Warshawski, Miss Marple, Nancy Drew…She could name dozens of fictional female crime fighters -- but not one real-life woman detective.  

That was until she picked up historian Erika Janik’s latest, “Pistols and Petticoats.”   It’s the story of how women moved from crime solving in fiction to the real world.   



A guest mentioned Happy Valley, which is good. Also check out "Scott and Bailey" and "Vera". All three are British. The British are doing a much better job than the U.S. at producing quality shows featuring strong, competent women. And almost no over-the-top gun violence, unlike the ridiculous crap the U.S. is churning out.

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