Poetry Instead

September 13, 2009
(was 11.09.2008)

Plato argued that poets would be banished from the ideal republic. He said poets are only good for promoting petty emotions, such as anger and lust and love. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, poetry. We'll talk with four-time Slam Poet champion Patricia Smith about how powerful words are when spoken out loud. And, a man many regard as the greatest writer in the English language, Australian poet Les Murray.

  1. Patricia Smith on "Blood Dazzler"

    Patricia Smith is an African American who's the four-time champion of the National Poetry Slam.

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  2. Jay Parini on "Why Poetry Matters"

    Jay Parini talks with Jim Fleming about the power of poetry and how it especially empowers young people in troubled times.

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  3. Gioia Timpanelli on "What Makes a Child Lucky"

    Gioia Timpanelli uses her poetic sensibility to write prose novels.

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  4. Les Murray on "The Bi-Plane Houses"

    Australian Les Murray is considered by many literary critics to be the greatest living poet in English today.

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