Protest Music

Tom Morello

Michael Fleshman(CC BY-SA 2.0)

January 15, 2017
(was 03.06.2016)

Music and social change go hand in hand. We explore the secret history of protest music. Songs and social movements you might have missed -- from the early days of rock and roll to the non-violent hip hop message of FM Supreme.

  1. The Soundtracks of the Vietnam War

    Vietnam was the last American war that had a collective soundtrack, but some of its songs may surprise you. We talk with Doug Bradley and Craig Werner about "We Gotta Get Out of this Place," a collection of interviews with Vietnam vets about the music that shaped their war experience.

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  2. Blind Alfred Reed's Early Protest Song

    Music historian Henry Sapoznik tells the story of Blind Alfred Reed and one of the early American protest songs.

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  3. Sam Phillips: In Search of Revolutionary Music

    Music writer Peter Guralnick tells us how the legendary Sam Phillips created rock and roll as a musical protest.

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  4. Industrial Music: The Ultimate Protest Music?

    S. Alexander Reed gives us a crash course on what may be the ultimate protest music -- industrial music.

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  5. FM Supreme, Humanitarian Rap Artist

    Jessica Disu (FM Supreme) talks about using hiphop as a positive force to deliver messages of peace and non-violence.

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