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Week of October 12, 2014

The Cook and the Book


Chefs and writers explore the language of food on the plate and on the page. We meet novelists who cook, chefs who write, and a poet of pies.  It's an hour of deliciousness in words and food.

  1. Writing Restaurants with Michelle Wildgen

    In her novel "Bread and Butter," Michelle Wildgen takes us behind the scenes at two upscale restaurants owned by brothers.  Sibling rivalry has never been so delicious. 

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  2. Sweetness #9 with Stephan Eirik Clark

    A darkly comic debut novel explores the secretive world of industrial flavor manufacturers.  Stephan Eirik Clark skewers the food industry, flavor science, and the American way of life.

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  3. Pie Poetry with Kate Lebo

    Kate Lebo is The Pie Poet.  She runs a pastry academy and writer's studio called The Pie School, She's published poetry about pies and a pie cookbook.

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  4. The Novelist and the Cook - Alice Waters and Michelle Wildgen

    Novelist Michelle Wildgen shares a conversation about food, art, and the creative imagination with chef and food activist Alice Waters, founder of the legendary Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse.

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  5. Thug Kitchen and the Politics of Food Writing

    Thug Kitchen is a wildly popular, foul-mouthed vegan food blog.  The formerly anonymous writers have just come out with a cookbook and revealed their identities.  Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway are a white couple from L.A.   Now they're fielding questions about the racial politics of the way they write about food.

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  6. Dangerous Idea: Capitalism Creates Psychopaths

    Jon Ronson believes capitalism favors psychopaths and is creating more of them.  

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  7. On Our Minds: Computers are Making Us Smarter! (Really)

    Wired columnist and tech writer Clive Thompson unpacks his optimistic take on computer technology -- it's making us, and our kids, smarter. 

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Imagining Possible Worlds

(was 04.13.2014)

Science fiction offers us visions of histories we don't know -- histories of the future and the past.  Today, legendary science fiction writers talk about science, utopia, and the imagination.  Plus, the winners of our 3 Minute Futures fiction contest!

CLICK HERE to read the winning entries and a selection of our favorites.

  1. 3 Minute Futures Winner: "Social Scene Alert"

    The winner of our 3 Minute Futures flash fiction contest:  "Social Scene Alert" by J.M. Perkins, from San Diego.

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  2. Politics of Science Fiction - Kim Stanley Robinson

    Extended InterviewExtended InterviewExtended InterviewExtended Interview

    Kim Stanley Robinson has been called our greatest living science fiction writer, and one of the greatest political novelists. He talks about post-capitalism, utopian visions, and the politics of science fiction.

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  3. 3 Minute Future Fiction: "Food Production"

    Another winning entry in our 3 Minute Futures flash fiction contest, this story comes from Michelle Clay in Massachusetts.

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  4. Star Trek Legacy - Gates McFadden

    Gates McFadden directed the cast of actors who dramatized our 3 Minute Futures stories. She played Dr. Beverly Crusher in "Star Trek: The Next Generation." In this interview, she looks back on the legacy of Star Trek.

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  5. Science and the Imagination - Ed Finn

    Extended InterviewExtended InterviewExtended InterviewExtended Interview

    Is it still possible to have a hopeful future vision? Ed Finn directs the Center for Science and the Imagination in Arizona, which pairs sci fi writers with scientists to dream up the next big science project. 

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  6. 3 Minute Future: "Dogs in the Snow"

    The third place winner in our 3 Minute Futures flash fiction contest is Jedediah Berry's story, "Dogs in the Snow."

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  7. BookMark: Junot Diaz

    Junot Diaz bookmarks "Dark Reflections" by Samuel R. Delany.

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  8. Race and Sex in Sci Fi - Samuel R. Delany

    Extended InterviewExtended InterviewExtended InterviewExtended Interview

    Samuel R. Delany is a grand master of science fiction. He's a gay, African American author who writes fearlessly about sex and race... and the future.

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