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Week of August 17, 2012

Dead Sea Scrolls

Finding the Bible


Buried scrolls, clay tablets, priceless artifacts and expensive forgeries – this week, we bring you stories from the strange and amazing world of biblical archeology.

  1. The Ark Before Noah

    This dusty 4,000 year old clay tablet written in an ancient script called cuneiform turns out to be a recipe for building an Ark.  

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  2. Truly Fake - The Story of Moshe Moses Shapira

    Mishy Harman is the host of the "Israel Story" radio program. The first season of "Israel Story" in English, starts August 18th on the Vox Tablet podcast.

    Want to hear more TTBOOK/Israel Story collaborations? Click here.

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  3. The Gospel of Thomas

    Biblical archaeology can rewrite and reshape history.   But there’s theology at stake, too.  Like when the Gnostic Gospels were discovered in 1945 buried in the Egypt.

    Would you like to read the Gospel of Thomas? Click here for the full text.

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  4. BookMark: Call me Ishmael

     Samuel Delany’s review of “Call me Ishmael” by Charles Olson.

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  5. On Our Minds: Robin Williams

      Like you, we were shocked this week to hear about the death of Robin Williams. . His softer side shines through in a conversation he had with fellow comedian Marc Maron, a few years ago, on Maron’s WTF podcast.

    Here is a link to Marc Maron's full conversation with Robin Williams.

    Here is a link to our full conversation with Marc Moran about healing and comedy.

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photo by Ted McGrath

Edges of Science


How do we know what's real?  Can science tell us, or is there an unseen reality we'll never understand?  We explore the edges of science and borderlands of knowledge.

  1. Limits of Science - Marcelo Gleiser

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    Does science have inherent limits?  Physicist Marcelo Gleiser thinks so, and he says it's liberating to know that science can only give us an incomplete picture of reality.

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  2. Pauli & Jung

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    Psychologist Carl Jung and physicist Wolfgang Pauli had an extraordinary friendship, feeding off each other's interests in the occult and quantum physics. Arthur Miller has the story.

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  3. Ghost Hunters - Deborah Blum

    Stories of ghosts and clairvoyants are everywhere, but can they stand up to scientific scrutiny?  A hundred years ago, William James led an elite group of scientists to investigate the paranormal. Deborah Blum tells this remarkable story.

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  4. Clashing Worldviews - Chopra & Mlodinow

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    Physicist Leonard Mlodinow and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra debate their conflicting worldviews on science and the origins of consciousness.

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  5. BookMark: Joshua Ferris

    Joshua Ferris recommends James Salter's "Dusk and Other Stories."

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  6. On Our Minds: LeBron James in the Rust Belt

    NBA superstar LeBron James is coming home to Cleveland. So what does it mean for his fans in this blighted rust belt area?  Charles Monroe-Kane talks with his fellow Northeast Ohio comrade, journalist David Giffels.

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