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Week of June 3, 2012

Re-Thinking Education

Re-Thinking Education

(was 06.03.2012)

The debate about how to fix America’s schools rages on, while millions of parents simply opt out of the system.  We’re re-thinking education, from college programs for the incarcerated to a call for the end of standardized tests.

  1. Alfie Kohn on Progressive Education


    You want kids to love learning?  Get rid of the emphais on grades and test scores.  That's according to Alfie Kohn, one of America's most passionate advocates for progressive education.

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  2. Astra Taylor and Dana Goldstein on the Schooling Debate

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    Do public schools stifle creativity and real learning, or are they essential to a diverse society? Questions like this have sparked a lively debate in response to Astra Taylor’s recent essay “Unschooling” in the literary magazine n+1 and Dana Goldstein’s response in Slate. We hear both sides.

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  3. Jody Lewen on the Prison University Project


    Jody Lewen is the executive director of the Prison University Project, a degree-granting program for the inmates at San Quentin State Prison in California.  She's seen first hand the transformative power of knowledge and education and thinks the most important feature of higher education should be accessibility.

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  4. Sean Pica on Earning His Degree in Prison


    Sean Pica is the executive director of Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, a degree granting program out of Sing-Sing Prison in New York State.  It's full-circle for Pica who was convicted and served time for a crime he committed as a teenager. 

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Physics & The Big Questions

(was 06.03.2012)

How can something come out of nothing?  Believe it or not, some scientists say they can explain how the Big Bang popped out of empty space.  We’ll explore the cutting edge of physics and consider what it means for religion and the meaning of life.

  1. Lawrence Krauss & Marcelo Gleiser on Something from Nothing

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    Why is there something rather than nothing?   Physicist Lawrence Krauss claims we may finally have an answer, though fellow physicist Marcelo Gleiser is skeptical.

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  2. Dava Sobel on Copernicus


    Copernicus changed the world with his revolutionary idea that the sun, not the Earth, is the center of our solar system.  Dava Sobel tells us why this momentous discovery wasn't easy for Copernicus himself.

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  3. Lisa Randall on Dark Matter & Dark Energy

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    Will we ever understand the true nature of dark matter and dark energy?  Harvard cosmologist Lisa Randall considers these and other great mysteries in physics.

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  4. Margaret Wertheim on Fringe Physics


    Do you need an advanced degree in math or physics to make discoveries about the cosmos?  Science writer Margaret Wertheim says thousands of amateur scientists have proposed their own theories about the universe.

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