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Week of October 5, 2014

Living Like a Caveman (Updated)

October 5, 2014

Cavemen.   Not Cro-Magnons or Neanderthals, but modern cavemen and women. They eat raw meat, run barefoot and practice throwing heavy stones.

  1. Arthur De Vany on Modern Cavemen

    Not all cavemen are in the past. The Modern Caveman Movement involves men in urban gyms, grunting and sprinting on all fours, lifting heavy stones, and running barefoot.

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  2. Paleofantasy - John Hawks

    When you think about something as specific as the Paleo Diet you kinda gotta ask yourself how someone today really knows what someone ate, say, 15,000 years ago.  So we thought, why not ask an expert? Say an anthropologist who is an expert on the subject?

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  3. Cavedigger

    Artist Ra Poulette is the subject of the 2014 Academy Award nominated documentary short called Cavedigger. 

    To see the trailer CLICK HERE.

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  4. Michelle Paver on "Chronicles of Ancient Darkness"

    Sir Ian McKellen is heard first, reading from the novel "Wolf Brother" by Michelle Paver. It's part of her "Chronicles of Ancient Darkness" series, set 6000 years ago.

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  5. Dangerous Idea: Don't Recycle!

    Ginger Strand’s dangerous idea on recycling. Or, rather, not recycling. She is a novelist famous for her novel Flight.

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  6. On Our Minds: David Mitchell

    Mitchell is a literary virtuoso, best known for his 2004 novel “Cloud Atlas.”  He’s famous for the intricate structure of his novels - which weave together multiple narrators, interconnected stories and even different genres  - all within the same book.  He’s done it again with “The Bone Clocks."

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Image: Matthew Kang via: flickr

Creative Writing (Repeat)

October 5, 2014

How do you win friends and influence people if you're an immigrant from Leningrad who's bullied at school?   You write your way to friendship.  That's what Gary Shteyngart did. We meet him in this hour as we explore creative writing.  Also, the connection between alcohol and creativity.  And how The Trickster can help you discover your true creative potential.We learn how Gary Shteyngart won friends and influenced people through his creative writing in this hour.

  1. Little Failure - Gary Shteyngart

    Gary Shteyngart talks about his memoir, "Little Failure."

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  2. Writers and Drinking - Olivia Laing

    Olivia Laing talks about her book, "The Trip to Echo Spring: On Writers and Drinking."

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  3. Sonic Sidebar: John Cheever's "The Swimmer"

    Olivia Laing says John Cheever's "The Swimmer" is one of the finest short stories every written. 

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  4. The Trickster's Hat - Nick Bantock

    Nick Bantock talks about his book, "The Trickster's Hat: A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity."

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  5. Dangerous Ideas: Peace Is Now

    Psychologist Steven Pinker's Dangerous Idea? We may be living in the most peaceful time of our species’ existence.

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  6. On Our Minds - Charlie Parker

    Today, thanks to Black History Month, legendary jazz saxophonist and composer Charlie "Bird" Parker is on our minds.

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