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Week of August 24, 2014

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Bored to Death (R)


Who knew that the old expression, "bored to death," could actually be true?   We'll discover just how harmful boredom can be.

  1. Boredom - Albert Nerenberg

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    Director Albert Nerenberg talks about his documentary, "Boredom."

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  2. A Philosophy of Boredom -- Lars Svendsen

    Lars Svendsen talks about his book, "A Philosophy of Boredom."

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  3. Doing Nothing - Tom Lutz

    Tom Lutz talks about his book, "Doing Nothing: A History of Loafers, Loungers, Slackers, and Bums in America."

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  4. BookMark: John Waters

    John Waters recommends "The Complete Short Stories of James Purdy."

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  5. On Our Minds: Protests in Ferguson, Missouri

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    The massive protests in Ferguson, Missouri are On Our Minds this week.  We explore the racial conflict and police violence with sociologist Alice Goffman.

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Global Noir (R)


Get your fix of travel and crime fiction in one hour. Today, we explore the latest in international crime fiction -- from Israel, Kenya, Denmark, Spain and more.  Crime is the one literary genre that crosses every border and every nationality.  Because yes, we're just that bloodthirsty.

  1. International Noir - Barry Forshaw

    Crime fiction is increasingly a global phenomenon.  Maybe you've heard of Nordic Noir... but how about Euro Noir?  Or African, Indian, Japanese crime fiction? 

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  2. The Killing -- Soren Sveistrup

    Why are millions of British TV viewers obsessed with the Danish TV show The Killing?  And will Americans ever get to see the original?  We catch up with the show's creator, Danish writer/director Soren Sveistrup. 


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  3. Reading: Kishwar Desai's "Witness the Night"

    Crime fiction from India?  Sample a bit of Kishwar Desai's award-winning novel, Witness the Night.  Read by Marika Suval.

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  4. Israeli Crime Fiction - D. A. Mishani

    In Israel, writer D.A. Mishani is breaking new ground by writing crime fiction.  Why are there so few detective novels written in Hebrew? Mishani explains.

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  5. Kenyan Crime Fiction - Mukoma Wa Ngugi

    Mukoma Wa Ngugi is a poet and English professor who writes crime novels set in his native Kenya.  He says the crime genre lets him write truthfully about race, class and violence in cities like Nairobi.

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  6. BookMark - Gary Shteyngart on "Jernigan"

     Novelist Gary Shteyngart recommends one of his favorite reads:  "Jernigan" by David Gates.

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  7. On Our Minds: Living Room Conversations

    Healing democracy, one living room at a time.  Joan Blades and Parker Palmer introduce us to a grassroots movement that brings small groups of people together across bitter political divisions, to help them find common ground.

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