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Week of September 7, 2014

The Amazing Brain

September 7, 2014

It's hard to wrap your head around the future of the human brrain.  Augmented intelligence, memory playback, downloadable skills - it's all coming.  We explore the future of the mind, and hear how a brain injury can transform your life.

  1. Struck By Genius - Jason Padgett

    Jason Padgett was a hard-partying guy until a traumatic brain injury turned him into a math genius. Now, he sees complex geometric designs everywhere he looks.

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  2. Future of the Mind - Michio Kaku

    What if you could take a pill or download netware to supercharge your brain? Physicist Michio Kaku says augmented intelligence and memory playback systems are the future of brain science.

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  3. Disharmony - Noa Guy

    Noa Guy was a promising Israeli composer whose musical career was derailed by a car accident. In this episode from Israel Story, Shai Satran tells the story of how she learned to make music again.

    Click here to hear more pieces from Israel Story.

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  4. Dangerous Idea: Simulating drugs through hypnosis

    Filmmaker and hypnotist Albert Nerenberg explains how we can simulate the effects of drugs through hypnosis.

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  5. On Our Minds: Against Football

    Steve Almond has loved football his whole life. But after investigating the violence and social ills that shape football, he explains why he no longer watches his favorite sport.

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Lies That Last (Repeat)

September 7, 2014

Popular myths, urban legends and just plain lies.  Why do we persist in believing things that just aren't true?

  1. Oklahoma Basement Myth - Mike Hancock


    Oklahoma is famous for tornados.  And the safest place to be in a tornado is a basement, right?  Well  in Oklahoma, they don’t have many basements.  In fact, only 3 percent of homes have them.  Why?  Because people in Oklahoma think you can’t build basements in their soil.

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  2. Crack Baby Myth - Ira Chasnoff


    What if Crack Babies were a myth?

    To see the NYTimes video on Crack Babies click here.

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  3. The Unknown Known - Errol Morris


    The question of how and why we come to believe lies fascinates filmmaker Errol Morris.

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  4. Sonic Sidebar - Cow Tipping


    To the Best of Our Knowledge is produced at Wisconsin Public Radio, and if there’s one thing we know here in America’s dairyland, it’s cows.  So as long as we’re talking about lies that last… have you ever tried to tip a cow? 

    Interesting in that cow tipping equation? Click here.

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  5. Little White Lies - Sam Harris


    Do do I look good in this dress?  We all know the answer, right?  It’s "you look great." Even if that’s not quite true.  

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  6. BookMark: Eric Liu reviewing “Inventing America” by Gary Wills

    Eric Liu reviewing “Inventing America” by Gary Wills.

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  7. On Our Minds: War Correspondents

    In May of 2014, while covering the war in Syria, Anthony Loyd and photographer Jack Hill, both working for The Times of London, were kidnapped by Syrian rebels. Loyd was severely beaten and shot twice. Both were eventually able to escape to Turkey.

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