Re-Thinking Native Culture

March 4, 2012
(was 03.06.2011)

Everything you know about Indians is wrong. That's the starting point for Paul Chaat Smith, who says it's time to hit the reset button and re-think everything we know about Native American culture.  In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, Comedian Howie Miller says that's what he does as a stand-up comic bringing out the stereotypes about Native Americans from the back of the closet and making audiences acknowledge them and...laugh. Also, who killed Crazy Horse, and why. 

  1. Paul Chaat Smith on the Unchanging Image of Native American Indians

    "Everything You Know About Indians Is Wrong"

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  2. Howie Miller on Trying to Turn Racism into a Joke

    Howie MIller uses humor to change the stereotypes of Native Americans.

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  3. Leslie Marmon Silko on Being Part of the Native American Renaissance

    Leslie Marmon Silko writes and paints to help understanding of her native Laguna Pueblo tribe.

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  4. Thomas Powers on The Courage of Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse was the greatest Indian warrior of the 19th century, much more than just the victor over George Armstrong Custer at Little Bighorn.

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