Rep. Joe Walsh (R. IL) on Compromise

January 8, 2012


Freshman Representative Joe Walsh is a Republican serving the eighth district of Illinois.  He's also a member of the Tea Party caucus. Walsh is considered the unofficial spokesman for the “no compromise” faction of the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. 



How dare a straight faced liar like Joe Walsh accuse others of being liars without admitting that he's a liar too.....I am outraged by his pompous disrespectful attitude and manipulation of the air waves. We are broke because he and his cronies help and pave the way for the 1% to take off with all the money and jobs! He is a sell out.

When I heard the MIT anthropologist, whose interview by Steve Paulson followed this interview of Rep. Joe Walsh, I realized that this was a perfect example of what McCracken predicts: increasing self-segregation and encapsulation into colonies of people who think just like you; Increasing intolerance and lack of exposure to ideas other than your own. Walsh mentions the "vast" numbers of people who think just like he does, and cites this vastness as the basis for his intransigent refusal to compromise in any way. What planet does he live on?

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