Responsibility of Intellectuals

January 15, 2012
(was 06.20.2010)

Back in 1967, Noam Chomsky wrote a famous essay called "The Responsibility of Intellectuals." Chomsky was furious about what he called "the deceit and distortion surrounding the American invasion of Vietnam." And he urged intellectuals "to speak the truth and expose lies." So what is the responsibility of intellectuals? We asked Noam Chomsky and hear one of the last interviews with the late Christopher Hitchens.

  1. Noam Chomsky on Speaking Out

    Noam Chomsky may be America's most prominent radical intellectual.  An outspoken critic of U.S. foreign policy, he says the mainstream media simply won't acknowledge his political perspective.

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  2. James Der Derian on Academics at War

    Academics are no longer just ivory tower analysts. The Defense Department has recently hired civilian anthropologists and social scientists as on-the-ground advisers to soldiers.

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  3. Astra Taylor's "Examined Life"

    The documentary, "Examined Life," features eight prominent philosophers, including Cornel West, Peter Singer, Slavoj Zizek and Judith Butler.

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  4. Christopher Hitchens on "Hitch 22"

    The late Christopher Hitchens was one of the most controversial journalists and public intellectuals of recent years.  In this conversation, he talks about his memoir "Hitch 22" and the role of intellectuals.

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