Rex Jung on Neuroscience of Creativity

November 25, 2012

Can you actually see creativity in the brain?  It turns out you can if you put a living, breathing human being inside a brain scan.  Neuroscientist Rex Jung describes his innovative research on the science of creativity.

You can also listen to the EXTENDED interview, and read the extended transcript.



I am currently working within a University as a lecturer with Psychotherapy students. I have an abundance of clinical experience and am quite new the institutional way or working, I am constantly wondering whether the academic criteria fully embraces the creativity needed for the nuances of therapeutic work which in the main focusses upon relational creativity in order to attach. Students are currently marked using an academic system measuring understanding and knowledge, relevance to learning outcomes, analysis and discussion and structure, writing style and referencing. I sometimes fear that 'out of the box' responses may be limited the marking system which encourages a academic intelligence.

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