Steve Paulson on Why Consciousness

November 4, 2012

The laws of physics and biology can explain just about everything about the world we live in, but consciousness is immaterial.  So how does something as physical - as wet and gooshy - as the brain produce something as insubstantial as thought?  Steve Paulson reports on the conflicting viewpoints of various scientists and philosophers.



Love this series, happened to hear you on WPR last Wednesday during the day. I must tell you, as a spiritual seeker (WETM) I underwent a paradigm shift after listening to your interview with Jill Bolte Taylor and reading her book. That said, it's all very interesting stuff, but from my view point it ultimately boils down to mental masturbation. There's such a thing as the science of comedy, and it makes sense, but it doesn't make you any funnier. To get to the place Jill speaks of you have to turn down (if not turn off) that left brain reasoning. I'm reminded of an old song by the Byrds, 5D, "and I saw the great blunder my teachers had made, scientific delirum maddness." This series is filled with so much good stuff for us post-modern seekers who as Paul Tillic would say have lost our "ultimate concern," but as they say in Zen, this is the just another "finger pointing at the moon" (the worst kind really). But where to now? (Guess that's why we're called seekers). One of the things that keeps me hopeful, that keeps me going and believing is a poem by Stephen Levine, This awkward speck of dust,
my favorite lines are:
"I do not know what I know
it enters through another door."

Did you seriously just cite Deepak as some kind of expert on Quantum Physics in this piece? He has (barely) a law understanding clearly derived from popular readings on the subject and in this interview calls *atoms* "subatomic particles". Some expert.

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