Steve Volk on "Fringe-ology"

October 2, 2011

Journalist Steve Volk believes the paranormal can be studied scientifically and says it's also a great subject for journalists.  He considers a range of paranormal phenomena, including telepathy, UFOs, life after death, and also talks about a memorable ghost story in his own family history.   We start the segment with a montage of movie clips about the paranormal.



Probably a poltergeist--there were teenagers in house--hormonal changes and energy can cause these phenomenon.

My grandmother lucidly dreamt all of her life, it rubbed off on me I suppose. On her death bed she told me to look after my mother. It so happened I went into a trance while working, I was simply thinking and it was unfocused... Until I saw my mother diying. I quit my job a few days after , I stood at home not really knowing the truth. The day came and I was there to sign consent forms for the hospital to treat her stroke. I have since dreamt of terrible things like flooding waters at the end of Feb 2011. Tho I have not yet been able to help any one else but my mother,I openly talk to shed light on mans ultimate sense.

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