Story Worlds

February 19, 2017

In this show, we explore storyworlds — the fictional universes that continue to enchant us.  Like the ghostly supernatural realm in which Abe Lincoln’s dead son, Willie, finds himself and the surreal Pacific Northwest town of Twin Peaks, the home of some damn fine coffee.

  1. How to Build Fantastical Fictional Universes

    Editor and publisher Ann VanderMeer talks about the extra responsibilities that fantastical fiction writers have and introduces us to the work of the acclaimed Finnish author Leena Krohn.

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  2. The Secret History of Twin Peaks

    In collaboration with David Lynch, Mark Frost co-created one of the most enduring fictional universes of all time — Twin Peaks. Now Frost has written an innovative novel that takes a deep dive into the history of the surreal logging town.

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  3. A Haunting Story of Lincoln, Love and Loss

    Literary superstar George Saunders talks about his debut novel, “Lincoln in the Bardo.”  The book was inspired by the death of Abraham Lincoln’s beloved son, Willie.

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