May 18, 2014


The oldest living things on the planet and a list of everything you’ll need to know after the apocalypse.

But there’s one thing no one can survive. And that’s death. Or maybe not...

  1. Erasing Death - Dr. Sam Parnia

    Death is the one that no one can survive. Unless… well, it depends on just how dead you are. 

    Average: 3.5 (4 votes)
  2. The Oldest Living Things in the World - Rachel Sussman

    Photographer Rachel Sussman has documented 30 of the oldest living things in the world.

    Average: 4.4 (5 votes)
  3. Sonic Sidebar: Patchwork Flight (radio drama)

     “Patchwork Flight” – a story written by TTBOOK listener Rebecca Demarest.  Performed by Sara Nics and Nigel O’Shea, with sound design by Britny True.

    Average: 4.8 (4 votes)
  4. The Knowledge - Lewis Dartnell

    There’s been a pandemic or a nuclear war. Most of humanity is wiped out.  Armed vigilantes steal your stuff and eat your family.  The good news is, you can survive all this!  If you have “the Knowledge.”  

    Average: 4 (3 votes)
  5. Dangerous Idea: Not Believing in God

    Lawrence Krauss's Dangerous Idea is NOT believing in god.

    Average: 4.4 (16 votes)
  6. On Our Minds: Barbara Ehrenreich

    Barbara Enrenreich tells the story of a mystical experience she had more than 50 years ago, when she was just 17 years old.  What’s fascinating about the story is that Ehrenreich has always considered herself an atheist.  

    Average: 4.7 (6 votes)