Susan Millar & Kurt Squires on Treating Cancer with Games

February 13, 2011

Imagine a game the let's you blast imaginary cancer cells except they're from a real cancer patient, and your game you play may help save her life. That's the future an interdisciplinary team of biologists, education researchers and game designers is working on at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. Anne Strainchamps got professors Susan Millar & Kurt Squire to show her a game.


How is it possible to access this game? I would love to use it in my class.

I would also like to have a link if possible, for use in a biology course. Thanks.

After digging around on the internet, I found a link to the Virulent game here:

Hey Thank you for the link!

My games are simulation without technology. The students interact in class but i would love to find out how to make my activities into on line games. How could i do this? Who offers training? Any good WWI or II games.

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