TTBOOK collaborations with 'Israel Story'

Disharmony - Noa Guy

Noa Guy was a promising Israeli composer whose musical career was derailed by a car accident. In this episode from Israel Story, Shai Satran tells the story of how she learned to make music again.

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Truly Fake - The Story of Moshe Moses Shapira

Mishy Harman is the host of the "Israel Story" radio program. The first season of "Israel Story" in English, starts August 18th on the Vox Tablet podcast.

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Photo courtesy of Mishy Harman

Anywhere - Mishy Harman

Mishy Harman, host of the "Israel Story" radio program, shares his story of trying to win back his ex-girlfriend by hitchhiking around the world.

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Yung Yiddish - Danna Harman

Journalist Danna Harman takes us to the epicenter of the rebirth of a dying language -- the Yung Yiddish library in Tel Aviv.   This story is part of a collaboration between TTBOOK and the Hebrew-language radio show, "Israel Story."

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The Story of the Aleppo Codex

The Aleppo Codex, the oldest, most complete, most accurate text of the Hebrew Bible went missing? Where did it go?

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BookMark: Mishy Harman

Mishy Harman recommends "A Tale of Love and Darkness" by Amos Oz.

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