We Generation

June 21, 2009
(was 06.08.2008)

From Facebook to Twitter to Wikipedia, World of Warcraft to YouTube, the life of the community has moved on line. And taken on a life of its own. The power of we, and the move toward collective identity and global think.

  1. Clay Shirky on Social Networking Sites

    Clay Shirky is an internet expert and author of "Here Comes Everybody." He tells Steve Paulson how wide acceptance of social networking sites has dramatically changed our expectations of the media and even the role of journalism.

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  2. Jonathan Harris on "We Feel Fine"

    Jonathan Harris created the website wefeelfine.org. He tells Steve Paulson how it works, and we hear a montage of postings from the site.

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  3. Josh Koury on Wizard Rock

    Josh Koury is a film-maker whose film "We Are Wizards" explores the hugely popular underground music scene called Wizard Rock.

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  4. Anne Strainchamps on Her Son's 4th Grade Class

    Anne Strainchamps has spent this year shadowing her son's 4th grade class at Randall Elementary as they learn what it means to be part of a community. She has this report, and we hear a lot from the children in Mrs. Mincberg's class.

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  5. Marco Iacoboni on Mirror Neurons

    Marco Iacoboni talks about mirror neurons - neurons hard-wired into us and explain how we feel empathy and compassion and why we feel the need to connect with one another.

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