Week of April 1, 2012

Week of April 1, 2012


April 1, 2012

Have you ever heard of an “Uncreative Writing” course?  In this class, students are penalized for showing any kind of originality.  Instead, they’re rewarded for plagiarism, plundering and stealing. We’ll meet the man behind “Uncreative
 Writing” – poet Kenneth Goldsmith.  Also, Jonah Lehrer on how creativity works. 

  1. Jonah Lehrer on "Imagine: How Creativity Works"

    Jonah Lehrer talks about his new book, "Imagine: How Creativity Works."

    Average: 3.9 (9 votes)
  2. Suzzy Roche on "Wayward Saints"

    Singer/Songwriter Suzzy Roche talks about channeling her creativity from writing songs to writing her debut novel, 'Wayward Saints."

    Average: 3.7 (7 votes)
  3. Austin Kleon on "Steal Like an Artist"

    Austin Kleon talks about his book, "Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative."

    Average: 4.2 (12 votes)
  4. Kenneth Goldsmith on "Uncreative Writing"

    Poet and writer Kenneth Goldsmith talks about his "Uncreative Writing" course in which students are penalized for showing any originality and creativity.  Goldsmith is the author of "Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age."

    Average: 4.8 (13 votes)
Winnebago Man

Pushing the Limits in Film

April 1, 2012
(was 03.20.2011)

Some films have transgressed the boundaries of good taste.  We ask,  are we really pushing the limits in film?

  1. John Waters on "Role Models"

    Sometimes films just push the limits of good taste.

    Average: 5 (3 votes)
  2. Dan Davies on "Ed Gein: The Musical"

    No one expected the latest inspiration: "Ed Gein: The Musical."

    Average: 4 (9 votes)
  3. Ben Steinbauer and Jack Rebney on "Winnebago Man"

    "The Angriest Man in the World", also known as "The Winnebago Man".

    Average: 4.7 (3 votes)
  4. Tasha Robinson on Documentaries That Weren't

    2010 was a great year for documentaries, even if they weren't actually documentaries.

    Average: 4 (1 vote)
  5. Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel on Filming "Goldilocks" with an iPhone

    It's shot entirely on an iPhone 4 and distributed not through theaters, but via an app. It's Goldlocks.



    Average: 3.4 (7 votes)