Week of November 28, 2010

Week of November 28, 2010

Life's Solution

What Does Evolution Want?

August 7, 2011
(was 11.28.2010)

 Is the evolution of intelligent life inevitable, or a biological accident? We explore the question “What does evolution want?”

  1. Simon Conway Morris on the Evolution of Intelligent Life

    Renowned British paleontologist Simon Conway Morris believes human-like intelligence was the inevitable outcome of the appearance of life on earth.

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  2. Robert Richards on Charles Darwin

    Historian and philosopher of science Robert Richards tells Steve Paulson that Charles Darwin himself believed evolution marches inevitably toward greater complexity.

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  3. Ruth Padel on “Darwin: A Life in Poems”

    Ruth Padel is an acclaimed British poet and a direct descendent of Charles Darwin. She’s now written “Darwin: A Life in Poems,” having grown up hearing stories about her famous ancestor.

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  4. John Haught on the Theology of Evolution

    John Haught is a Roman Catholic theologian at Georgetown University, and the author of “God After Darwin” and “God and the New Atheism.”

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  5. John Hawks on Modern Human Evolution

    Paleo-anthropologist John Hawks talks about how we continue to evolve--changes that can be seen in the bones of modern humans.

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Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture

Lost in the Supermarket: Consumerism

November 28, 2010
(was 11.29.2009)

America definitely have a lust for low prices. But this discount culture comes with a high cost.

  1. Rob Walker on Branding

    Rob Walker writes the weekly column "Consumed," for the New York Times Magazine...

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  2. Chuck Klosterman on "Mad Men"

    Essayist Chuck Klosterman talks with Steve Paulson about TV's "Mad Men."

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  3. Ellen Ruppel Shell on Discount Culture

    Ellen Ruppel Shell talks with Anne Strainchamps about the effects of our obsession with low prices.

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  4. Joel Waldfogel on Scroogenomics

    Joel Waldfogel talks with Jim Fleming about what's really wrong with all those cringe-inducing neckties and fruitcakes nobody eats.

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  5. David Dalton on Andy Warhol

    David Dalton and his sister were assistants on Warhol's early Pop Art paintings when they were in their teens...

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