What's In a Name? (Update)

May 21, 2017

Your name is a collection of sounds and syllables that identify you. It's your tag, handle, label, second skin.  It's written on your birth certificate and it'll be inscribed on your grave.  But what does it actually mean?  Names carry family dreams, expectations and legacies.  In this episode, stories about the power and politics of names -- how they shape us and how we shape them.  What does your name say about you?

  1. Me, Myself and My Name

    Your name is a set of sounds used to set you apart.  But what if your sounds are too hard for some people to say?   Parth Shah shares the first episode of "Hyphen," a podcast about people who live in two different worlds simultaneously.  In this episode, Parth explores what it's like to grow up in America with a name that some people think doesn't "sound American".

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  2. What Not To Name Your Baby

    The most popular baby names in the US last year were Noah and Emma.  We know that because 20 years ago, Michael Shackleford wrote a computer program to track the annual popularity of baby names.  Expectant parents everywhere should thank him.

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  3. The Man Who Wasn't Charles Lindbergh

    You've heard of Charles A. Lindbergh, the first pilot to cross the Atlantic. But what about Charles A. Levine?  The two men shared more than the same initials. In 1927, they were locked in a battle to make aviation history.  Lindbergh beat Levine across the Atlantic by two weeks.  Henry Sapoznik brings us the story of two planes, two songs, and two men named Charles.

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  4. The Power of Names

    What does your name say about you? Psychoanalyst Mavis Himes helps clients uncover the invisible family legacies hidden in names. She talks about what it means to truly own and inhabit your name.

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  5. David Byrne is Thinking About How Music Works

    David Byrne is one of those artists who just keeps reinventing himself -- first as frontman of Talking Heads. Then by making films and writing books. Lately, he's been making historical musicals -- one about Joan of Arc and one about Imelda Marcos.  He's just released an updated version of his book, "How Music Works," which includes a new chapter called "Infinite Choice: The Power of Curation."

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