Into the Woods

April 14, 2013
(was 04.29.2012)

Lace up the hiking boots and grab the bug spray!   Spring is here and we're heading Into The Woods.  Learn how to read a forest.   Unlock the meanings hidden in leaf and bole, twig and soil.  And celebrate the woods in fairytale, myth, story and song.

  1. David George Haskell on the Forest Unseen

    Biologist David George Haskell spent a year making weekly visits to the same one-square-meter patch of old-growth forest near his home in Tennessee.  His writes about his experiment in "contemplative science" in a series of gorgeous essays, called "The Forest Unseen".

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  2. Stephen Long on How to Read a Forest

    Stephen Long is the founder of Northern Woodlands Magazine.  He takes us for a walk in his Vermont woods and teaches us how to "read" a forest.

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  3. Terry Tempest Williams on Walking in the Woods

    Noted nature writer Terry Tempest Williams knows that the woods can be frightening, if you go walking in them with the wrong person.  She tells the story of how she narrowly escaped a brutal attack while hiking.

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  4. Marina Warner on Enchanted Forests

    For thousands of years, people have been telling stories about magical woods and enchanted forests.  Writer and mythographer Marina Warner talks about the forest in human memory and imagination.

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  5. Stephen Sondheim on "Into the Woods"

    "Into the Woods" celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.  Stephen Sondheim chats with Steve Paulson about the history of the legendary musical.

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