Christopher McDougall on the Tarahumara tribe

July 17, 2011

Writer and journalist Christopher McDougall talks with Anne Strainchamps about the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico. They're a people who grow up running barefoot and live very long lives happily running into advanced old age. He describes his quest to find them in his book "Born to Run."


Thanks for this great report on a unique culture. As someone who works with the Tarahumara I can add that their sense of privacy, exists for a reason. They have survived on the an instinct of self preservation, and their ability to live in such a remote and difficult place. Running makes it easier to get from place to place in a part of the world without roads

Possibly the best story I've ever heard on the radio is Scott Carrier's story about running down antelopes and the Tarahumara, on This American Life on NPR.

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