Gretchen Reynolds on Running Myths

August 29, 2010

Gretchen Reynolds is a sports writer and runner. She talks with Jim Fleming about the theories concerning running and the body which modern exercise physiology is exposing as purely myths.


Please consider following up on Gretchen Reynold's comment that "good science" about weight loss still comes down to "calories in; calories out." The magazine she writes for has published several articles by Gary Taubes that argue that carbohydrates are what we should be watching as we tackle weight loss.

BTW, I really like the new website. I am going to enjoy using it to follow up on your show as I do every week. My books shelves are groaning with books I bought by authors you've had on the show.

Thanks much,

Cindy Zautcke

Carbohydrates are high in calories. If you watch them, you will lose weight because you're restricting your calories in.


Carbs aren't high in calories. Carbs and proteins both have the same amount of calories: 4 kcal per gram (by weight) Fat actually has more calories, more than twice as much, at 9 kcal per gram. However, that doesn't mean you should eat more carbs and protein if you want to lose weight. It's more important to understand the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats that are right for your situation, as each is processed and used differently by the body.

when its 95 degrees weather and your running on ashfelt road . its not possible .question for chris mcdougal

it's possible! i ran 8 miles barefoot when it was around 90 degrees a couple days ago, on asphalt streets, and while pushing 90lbs worth of kids in the jogging stoller.

A great hour of listening. A recount of Born To Run and the Tarahumara Indians of Copper Canyon. Thanks for delivering an unbiased view of this emerging trend.

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