Rev. Ivan Stang on The Church of the SubGenius

March 11, 2012

We found a modern-day huckster. His name is Rev. Ivan Stang and he’s the co-founder of a cult called The Church of the SubGenius.  Its members worship a pipe smoking man god named Bob Dobbs and claim to be a superior race descended from the Yeti.  Their theology is summed up in one word; “Slack.”



Ok, so I was "in" Scientology for 30 years..(DUH)...
ESCAPED out in July of 2000---and have spoken out, exposing their seriously dark sides for 11 years. Is it time
I become a minister of the sub-genius? LOL! :) Great interview, thanks :) ToryMagoo44 on YT--to learn more.

Praise "Bob".

Funny and interesting at the same time. Where can we read more on this so called cult?

Praise "BOB"!


I like to add brown sugar and clarified butter to the braise! ;)

Maize "BOB"!!!

Has slightly more credibility than all other organized religeions.

go ahead, do it!

I caught Bob engaged in Oral Congress with my dog. That's right....Bob was licking my dog's pussy. So much for that Short Term Personal Savior...and on to the next.

That actually happened to me, too!

But I think its meant to be part of the sacramental experience.

Just sayin'

Simply a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design .

You will pay to find out what you really think!

I think the translation from ancient Sanscrit was errant. I believe the correct translation to be Church of the SubGenus. The genetic implications are rife. We must rethink every assumption. BoB may be little more than some Knuckle dragging Cretan.

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