James Hessler on "Sickles at Gettysburg"

March 11, 2012

We might not have the perfect definition of the word “scoundrel” but we can certainly agree on one thing – Civil War General and US Congressman Daniel Sickles was the epitome of a scoundrel. Seriously. Check out this list:  murder, political corruption, affairs with queens and prostitutes… and there’s more than meets the eye about that leg he lost at Gettysburg.

James Hessler is a Civil War Guide at Gettysburg and the author of “Sickles at Gettysburg.” He filled in all the details, and then some.



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This is the blood in my veins!

Great interview. Excellent book, too.

una donna di origine italiana la cui famiglia è ancora presente nella citta' di Cesena.
Per noi queste vicende sono state scoperte solo recentemente ,
ma ritengo che un libro sulla storia di Sickles avrebbe successo anche in Italia.
segnalo il sito www.coroalboni.it dove si cita il caso Sickles Bagioli.
lelio burgini

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