David and Kristen Finch on Asperger diagnosis

April 15, 2012

A few years ago, the marriage of David and Kristen Finch was falling apart.  They barely spoke anymore.  And then Kristen asked David to take a test - a quiz with 153 questions that led to a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome.  The diagnosis changed their lives.  They talk about how the recognition of Aspergers changed how they relate to each other.

Want to take the Aspie quiz?  Here's the link


Ahhhhhhhhh. So THAT's the problem.

My son has it, I suspect my daughter has it, and low and behold I take the quiz, and I have it.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

It would have been nice to know this back in 1998 when my marriage fell apart.

I suspect my son also has it. Now I am 62 and I find out? I learned to cope, and I taught him to cope, so we are all functional. We adapt, we overcome, we move on.

Maybe I don't understand how this works, but I thought I submitted a comment earlier today, and it hasn't shown up. I was pointing out that the touted quiz has no medical basis, and that it seems to test for conditions other than Asperger's. I am not a health professional (so have no ax to grind), but neither is the self-diagnosed Aspie who developed this quiz. I'm surprised it's being accepted by journalists without question.

The quiz CANNOT diagnose a person with Asperger's. While, listening to this interview it was obvious over diagnosis could have been examined and I doubt that the guest was diagnosed by legitimate clinical psychologist or was even administered a standardized test (like the ADOS.)
Overall I thought this story along with the preceding one were below standard for this show.

Not sure if I accept the quiz. As an adult I have learned to manage certain situations quite well, so I don't think my answers are what they want to hear in order to acknowledge my 'different mindedness'. And then there are different degrees to which people are affected. I have been TOLD outright that I am 'different', but this quiz tells me I've adapted well :)

Where would evolution occur if not in our brains, our most recently evolved organ?. If evolution is creative, it is fallible. Flynn effect, results of IQ tests have increased over generations, suggests that human intelligence is increasing. I can see changes in people just during my lifetime. Perhaps most of what we label mental illness, are just nature's tentative, experimental, imperfect adaptations to a changing environment. Mental illness is said to occur in families that exhibit creativity, and one might suspect creativity would be more compatible with nonconformity than with extreme stability.
Berthajane Vandegrift
A Few Impertinent Questions about Freud, Marx and Darwin

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