Frank Browning


Frank Browning is based in Paris, France, and reports for NPR. He provides news coverage of France and the European Union as well as cultural reporting and essays.

In 1983, Browning joined NPR's National Desk covering everything from Neo-Nazis in the Midwest to ancient apple forests in Kazakhstan, the dilemmas facing small tobacco farmers in Kentucky to the cultural contradictions facing African musicians in France. Browning, along with long-time NPR reporter Brenda Wilson, coordinated and reported a special 16-part series on AIDS in black America. The series, which aired in 1990 won a DuPont-Columbia award and a Major Armstrong award the following year. The next year he was honored with another Armstrong award for a five-part series on AIDS and sexuality in Brazil.

Throughout his career, Browning has worked in radio, television and print journalism. Stories and reporting have taken him all over the world including Brazil, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Sweden