Live @ NYAS: Conversations on the Nature of Reality

Steve will be at the New York Academy of Sciences in October, December and February for a series of talks that center around how our notion of reality — understanding it, anyway — is complicated by science. Sure, math is the language of the universe, but are limits to what mathematics can reveal about the mystery of our universe? How will superintelligent machines challenge our ideas about cognition, reality, and the limits of human understanding? As we delve into the nature of consciousness itself, might we find that we've be misinterpreting the content of our perceptual experiences?

There are three talks in the series, all focused on our struggle to comprehend the nature of reality.

Each talk will be streamed live on YouTube, and will be available afterward as a podcast and video series. Stay tuned to this space, we'll collect video from the event here. You can learn more about attending over on the New York Academy of Sciences website.