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Week of August 20, 2017

Short Stories

August 20, 2017
(was 11.08.2015)

Short stories can be harder to write than novels, but just as great. This week, four writers who’ve mastered the art of the short story join us to celebrate the form and share new work.

  1. Addicted to Short Stories

    Ben Marcus is a novelist and short story writer. His latest collection is called "Leaving the Sea." He also just edited an anthology called "New American Stories." He talks about how the addictive quality of language is a big part of what makes short stories so powerful. 

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  2. Ben Marcus on Robert Coover's "Going for a Beer"

    Ben Marcus talks about another one of the stories he chose for the "New American Stories" anthology -- "Going for a Beer" by Robert Coover.

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  3. Jesse Eisenberg the Writer

    You've probably seen Jesse Eisenberg in films like "The Social Network," "The Squid and the Whale" and "The End of the Tour." But have you read his fiction debut, "Bream Gives Me Hiccups." Eisenberg was in Madison recently and he stopped by our studio.

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  4. From "This American Life" to These Surreal Short Stories

    How do you go from producing riveting stories about real people for "This American Life" to writing surreal short stories. Diane Cook is the person to ask. Her debut collection of short stories is called "Man V. Nature."

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  5. Margaret Atwood Blends Dystopia and Social Satire

    Imagine you'd lost your job and you were living in your car, trying to fend off roving thugs. And then you saw an ad that promised the comforts of a nice suburban home, along with a full-time job. There's just one catch -- you only spend half your time there; you spend the other half living in a prison cell. That's the premise behind Margaret Atwood's new novel, The Heart Goes Last," a blend of dystopia and social satire.

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