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Image: Ericka Menchen-Trevino Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Here's a Halloween treat for you (no costume required). It’s an encore presentation of Steve’s conversation with historian Nicholas Rogers about the history of Halloween.
National Novel Writing Month
It's November,which is "National Novel Writing Month," when thousands of people commit to writing 1,500 words a day.  Young Adult novelist Scott Westerfeld is a big supporter...
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With Halloween approaching, we're revisiting some of our favorite ghost stories over the years. Here's NPR executive Eric Nuzum on being haunted by the ghost of a girl in a...
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Looking to get in the Halloween spirit? Here's a collection of listener ghost stories to get you in the mood.
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New York City’s subway made its inaugural run on October 27th, 1904 at 2:35 PM. This 110th birthday reminded us of Anne’s conversation with George Michelsen Foy; his quest...

What's on This Week

In this age of globalization, why would anyone want borders, an army, currency?  Isn’t that kind of … old school?   
Is there anything science won’t tackle? The latest question neuroscientists are taking on is, “What makes something beautiful?” We're checking in with scientists, philosophers and...

Herzog's Ecstatic Truth


The legendary German director Werner Herzog is known around the world for his powerful and unique feature films and documentaries. But he tells Steve Paulson that he thinks he’ll be best remembered for his writing. If Herzog is right (and we have our doubts), you’ll want to check out his new book “Werner Herzog: A Guide for the Perplexed.” In the book, and in this interview, he discusses his creative process and his relentless pursuit of what he calls "the ecstatic truth." To read more, listen, and download, click here.