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Are humans innately violent? If you stripped the civilization out of us, just how bad would we be?
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The office has come a long way: from the executive desk to the cubicle (also known as the "veal-fattening pen"). Today, we explore the changing nature of the American workplace...

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Should more people opt out of voting? As the supreme court considers redistricting rules around the country, we're listening back to this interview with Georgetown...
As the Iraqi army fights the advance of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), we're listening back to this interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Rohde, on...
Winter. I am getting sick of this winter. It’s hard to get around. I’m never outside. I hate scraping and shoveling. . . And, I’m cold. And most likely you are cold too.
Sonic Youth co-founder Kim Gordon’s new memoir, “Girl in a Band,” is on our minds this week. The book chronicles the influential band’s career and the end of the marriage...
Like many of you, we'll be tuning in to see who wins in this year's Academy Awards. Ever wonder how "The Oscars" got its name? Check out our interview with film scholar...

Love in 36 Questions

Since the publication of the essay "To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This," the world has been abuzz with Professor Aruthur Aron's 36 questions that can alledgely make people fall in love. These questions range from the seemingly innocuous—"What would constitute a 'perfect” day for you?'—to the deeply personal—"Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing?" We interviewed Aron as well as Mandy Lee Catron, the woman whose essay jumpstarted the current craze. In fact, the world appears so crazed that there are not just one, but multiple apps you can now download to try the questions with a friend or lover. But why stare at a screen when you could hear the questions themselves read aloud by a group of friends and colleagues here at To the Best of Our Knowledge?

You can download our 36 questions recording right here.