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Need a little Halloween costume inspiration? Maybe you should consider a classic, zombie or vampire. Victoria Nelson says we just can't get enough of 'em.
Did you catch sight of the Orionid meteor shower last night? They looked great. But what might they sound like? Don Gurnett's been recording space sounds for years...
French poet Arthur Rimbaud was born in Charleville, France 161 years ago. To celebrate his poetry and literary legacy, we revisit Steve’s conversation with Rimbaud biographer...
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In his new book, "Dataclysm," OkCupid co-founder and president Christian Rudder pores through online data to reveal some surprising truths about our society. He told Sara...
Spice shop
As fall sets in here in the Midwest, we're letting out minds wander to warmer climes and spicier foods. Here's Jack Turner on the history of spice...

What's on This Week

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With the elections approaching, candidates and campaigns are working hard to get out the vote. But what would it take to get people politically involved all year round? This hour...
(was 10.19.2014)
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"Sleep is the best meditation." -- Dalai Lama   This week, we explore the secret life of sleep, in fiction and science. We'll talk about how big pharma has medicalized sleep, and...

The Cooks in Thug Kitchen


Thug Kitchen is a wildly popular, foul-mouthed vegan food blog. The formerly anonymous writers have just come out with a cookbook and revealed their identities. Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway are a white couple from L.A. Now they're fielding questions about the racial politics of the way they write about food. Read the article here, and listen to their full interview here.