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Emily Bronte was born nearly 200 years ago, on July 30, 1818. She was the fifth of six Bronte children, three of whom became fiction writers. We celebrate the Brontes’...
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A century ago, on July 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary officially declared war on Serbia, marking the start of World War I. The historic anniversary got us thinking about our...
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The influential psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology was born nearly 140 years ago this week. To celebrate, we’re revisiting our interview about Jung’s influence...
Dominican-born writer Junot Diaz -- the MacArthur genius, Pulitzer Prize-winning author has written some of some of the most brilliant contemporary fiction about the...
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Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim made headlines recently with his call for a three day work week. That got us thinking about our interview with economist Juliet Schor about...

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Pragmatic.Problem-solving. And non-partisan -- Mayors just might be the next best hope for democracy.    
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Whatever happened to psychoanalysis?  It used to be the most influential science of the mind, but today its founder, Sigmund Freud, just looks like a sex-obsessed old man. ...

Kim Stanley Robinson on Science Fiction Realism

We recently had science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson in town to judge our 3 Minute Futures competition. Watch this video to see what he had to say about the winning entries, as well as the role science fiction plays in shaping our understanding of the present and future.

You can also hear more on scifi and the future in Imagining Possible Worlds.

Kim Stanley Robinson: Science Fiction and the Realism of Our Time from Wisc Institute for Discovery on Vimeo.