Skill vs Luck (update)

May 14, 2017
(was 02.14.2016)

You score a royal flush in poker!  Do you credit your skill... or luck?  We talk with a poker champion, a game designer, an investment banker and a choreographer about how to untangle skill and luck.  And, how to use both to win.

  1. Gambling with 100% Skill

    Jason Rohrer is one of the top game designers in the world. So when the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act came out , he found a loophole. Turns out, its' not all internet gambling games that are against the law. It's only the ones that are subject to chance. He claims that his new online gambling game is all skill.  


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  2. Is there an Equation for Success?

    Want to be sccessful at gambling? How about sports? Inventments? Michael Mauboussi is the Head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse and author of a book where he outlines “The Success Equation."


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  3. Choreographer Bill T. Jones on the Randomness of Musician John Cage

    Choreographer Bill T. Jones says that while many of us are trying to put more skill into our lives, his mentor, the musician John Cage, spent his life trying to do just the opposite. Jones says Cage’s music was often based on randomness and chance.

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  4. Poker Legend Annie Duke on Luck

    In 2004, Anne Duke was in the final of the World Series of Poker. She was up against the top two poker players in the world, Phil Helmuth and Howard Lederer (who happened to be her older brother). And the jackpot was $2 million. Annie won, but that's not the entire story. It's how she won that became legendary. 

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  5. BookMark: Julie Schumacher recommends Saramago's "Elephant's Journey"

    It was 1551, and Archduke Maximilian got a wonderous wedding gift from King João III of Portugal: an elephant named Solomon.

    "Dear Committe Members" author Julie Schumacher recommends Portuguese Nobel Lauaureate José Saramago's retelling of this true tale.

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  6. Calculus of Love - John and Julie Gottman

    Psychologists John and Julie Gottman are famous for being able to predict with 94% accuracy whether a couple will break up, stay together unhappily, or stay together happily. In their Love Lab, they've identified hidden patterns of behavior that can strengthen or weaken relationships. If we'd known the secret to a good marriage was non-linear differential equations, we might have paid more attention in math class.

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