Frequently Asked Questions

To The Best Of Our Knowledge

Can I submit an idea for an interview?

Of course. Please just email us.

How long does an interview stay on your website?

Once an interview airs on TTBOOK it enters our database and will stay there until the end of time.

Why can’t I find the list of music you used in the show?

Because of the way we use music on the show — sometimes composing new tracks or remixing songs to suit the length or tone of a given piece or interview — there's not always a straightforward list of tracks to post. When there is — or if a specific musical piece is relevant to the topic of a show — you'll find links in the show notes for that episode. If you're curious about any other piece of music you hear on the program, just email us.

How do I find when my local station airs "To The Best Of Our Knowledge"?

Please click here for a complete list of local station times.