April 19 — Making Waves: To The Best of Our Knowledge Live in Milwaukee

Making Waves: Live in Milwaukee

What do the Great Lakes, Urban Farming and Beer Have in Common?

Find out at “Making Waves,” the To The Best Of Our Knowledge live show at Turner Hall Ballroom on April 19. Beginning at 7:30 p.m., it will be a night of big ideas, thought-provoking conversation and unique performances.

Join Host Anne Strainchamps and Executive Producer Steve Paulson as they share the stage with musicians, storytellers and experts including Dan EganVenice WilliamsRuss KlischDan Dupee and Ben Barbera.

Egan is a Milwaukee-based journalist and author of the acclaimed book "The Death and Life of the Great Lakes." He'll talk about high-stakes issues like water diversion to Waukesha, FoxConn and environmental threats to Milwaukee's water supply.

Williams is the executive director of Alice's Garden Urban Farm, a community garden on land in Milwaukee that was once taken over by eminent domain for a highway that was never built. Williams will explore big questions such as, "Who owns water?" and "How does access to water affect racial equality?"

Klisch, the president and founder of Lakefront Brewery, and Dupee, the co-founder of Good City Brewing, will be a part of a panel discussion tackling questions like, "What does it mean to be a craft brewer in Milwaukee today?"

In a pre-produced segment featuring historic photos, Barbera, the curator at the Milwaukee Beer Museum, will speak on the legacy of brewing in Milwaukee and how being on the water made Milwaukee the "Brew City" it is today.

This live show will be recorded for national broadcast – don’t miss your chance to be a part of it! For tickets and more information, check out the Facebook event or the Turner Hall website.