How To Build Flow For A Water Show

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We told Milwaukee DJ Tarik Moody we were doing a whole show about water. He created the perfect playlist to complement our interviews. He shares a few secrets on how to find a track by mood, reference, or feel.

In selecting the music for this episode on water, I started searching for song titles with water-related terms like "river", "boats", "lakes", etc. Then I organized the songs based off tempo and genres. This allow me to create buckets of music for each segment of the show.

For example, I had a bucket of spiritual/gospel songs with water references for the Venice Williams’ discussion about the spirituality of water. That’s when I played the moving song “One More River To Cross” by The Como Mamas.

Other times, I just felt out the vibe of the audience and discussion and selected songs that I thought would fit.

You can listen to a sampling of Tarik's selections on Spotify.