Adventures on the Woke Spectrum

Kameel Stanley and Tim Lloyd of "We Live Here"

August Jennewein (UMSL)

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Breaking through to new places takes work.  That’s true personally and also collectively.  People in St. Louis know a lot about that, and maybe have some have things to teach the rest of the country.

For example, 100 years ago, the worst race riot in American history happened in St. Louis. It helped spark the civil rights movement, and nearly a century later the same city would galvanize Black Lives Matter.

Talking about racism—about structured, systemic inequality—is hard. But those conversations can be gateway moments. They can lead to change, a fact that podcasters Kameel Stanley and Tim Lloyd know all too well. They told Charles Monroe Kane about the professional and personal transformation that resulted from co-hosting St. Louis Public Radio’s podcast about race and class, “We Live Here.”