When dreams escape sleep: the analog horror of 'Somnium DreamViewer'

The Labyrinth

"The Labyrinth" as featured in "Somnium DreamViewer." Holly Fernwright (via the creator)

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In the popular “analog horror” genre that has emerged on YouTube in the past few years, decayed video tapes and low-res graphics are the raw materials for building fictionalized worlds set in the recent past, where sinister creatures roam the late night airwaves and mysterious corporations are trying to capture our dreams.

One such world is that of “Somnium DreamViewer,” a YouTube series that explores a world where a mysterious company has developed the technology to capture still images from our dreams — with unsettling effects on our waking hours. Creator Holly Fernwright explains the inspiration behind the series, and how it taps into media nostalgia to create an unsettling world where dreams bleed into the daylight.

Here are a few other analog horror series mentioned in our conversation with Holly. 

And here are a few we just included for fun.