Botanist Diana Beresford-Kroeger tells Anne that the lives of trees and human beings are inter-related all the way down to the molecular level.


David Abrams tells Steve Paulson about his animistic beliefs and recounts a remarkable story about a shaman who could turn himself into a raven.

psychedelic colors

Timothy Leary nearly killed the psychedelic revolution. He did more than anyone to popularize LSD — but his indiscriminate use of mind-altering drugs created a backlash, and made them taboo for serious scholars. 

cave art

Is your knowledge Cavemen based on TV commercials? In this hour of To The Best Of Our Knowledge, Caveman. We'll discover how the Ice Age gave birth to the first modern humans. And, the real secret of evolution -- cooking. Also, the founder of today's caveman movement. He grunts in a more modern...


Worried about climate change? Trying hard to reduce your carbon footprint? In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, living small and liking it – an argument in favor of the radically local life.


Tina Bertoni provides a commentary on what it was like to hunt a bear.

"Field and Stream" Associate Editor Kim Hiss tells Anne Strainchamps about her first hunt.

painting of a landscape

How much do you know about the place where you live? You probably know your neighbors, your local schools, the grocery store... but can you describe what your neighborhood looked like before there were houses in it? Can you name the native birds and plants and insects? How much local history can...


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