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Can science tell you how to "get happy?"  This hour,  the psychology and history behind the very idea of happiness. Read more

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January 11, 2016

Putting off the work

Procrastination can be an occasional bad habit, but it can also be a lot worse. It can lead to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety. Today, we try to answer the question, Why do we put things off and how can we stop?

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January 03, 2016

A future man (or lady)

Why are we so obsessed with the future? Is it because we can't handle the present and all of our current problems, like climate change, racism and terrorism? That's one theory.Read more

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January 02, 2016

Some people talk to God and some think God talks to them. Read more

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December 27, 2015

ce matin, un lapin in middle school

When was the last time you said something so mortifying that all you wanted to do was crawl under a rock and hide? From teenage angst to cringe comedy, we're setting aside the shame and reveling in all things awkward.Read more

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December 20, 2015

More than 38 million Americans knit or crochet. Not because they crave mittens and afghans, but because they like the way knitting feels. Handwork turns out be a powerful antidote for digital overload. Read more

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December 05, 2015


Automated machines are taking over our lives. They're not the scary robots you see in movies, but more and more of today's technology — from smart phones to airplanes — is automated. But do we want to give machines so much control?Read more

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November 29, 2015

We confront the politics of the voice, from stereotyping to vocal fry. And we also talk to a soundscape ecologist who listens—perhaps closer than anyone—to the voices of the natural world.Read more

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November 22, 2015


Experts agree, gratitude is good for you.  It lowers stress, increases happiness, improves physical health, decreases depression and even helps you sleep better.  So while it's great to celebrate a day of Thanksgiving, you'll feel even better if you cultivate an attitude of gratitude...Read more

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November 22, 2015


Short stories can be harder to write than novels, but just as great.Read more

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November 08, 2015


H.P. Lovecraft's weird tales of cosmic horror loom large 125 years after his birth. His literary tentatcles have oozed their way into movies, books, games and graphic novels. We explore Lovecraft's life, work and legacy.  Was he a literary master or a monster?Read more

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October 25, 2015

Mr. Moneybags Monopoly graffiti

Checking someone else’s privilege can be a form of hostility. Checking your own can be an act of humility. Does anyone actually benefit from talking about privilege? This hour, the benefits and drawbacks of talking about privilege.Read more

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October 18, 2015

David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace changed the landscape of American writing. His novels dissect our media-saturated culture in unflinching detail. And his essays are passed around to friends with the words, “You have to read this.” He became a literary rock star in his early thirties for his...Read more

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August 07, 2015

To The Best Of Our Knowledge
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August 02, 2015

reading a story

It used to be easy to get lost in a good book, but now lots of people say reading is boring. Scientists say all that skimming and surfing on electronic screens is actually rewiring our brains. So we examine the new science of reading.Read more

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July 26, 2015

To The Best Of Our Knowledge

We talk to two other septuagenarian musicians in addition to Moroder who are still productively making music: the 74-year-old political folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie, and the 78-year-old minimalist composer Philip Glass.Read more

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July 19, 2015

A healing hand

As terrible as it sounds, most of us will go through something traumatic at some point in our lives. The experience can be deeply isolating and crushing, but it doesn't have to be. Read more

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July 05, 2015

Price is right

You score a royal flush in poker!  Do you credit your skill? Or luck?  We talk with a poker champion, a game designer, an investment banker and a choreographer about how to untangle skill from luck.Read more

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June 07, 2015

It doesn't matter whether you grew up going to Coney Island, Six Flags, or Pacific Park — to a kid, all amusement parks are magical. This hour we take a trip to the land of funnel cake, freak shows and fast rides.Read more

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May 17, 2015


We explore the popularity and enduring appeal of combat sports.Read more

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May 03, 2015

shame statue

Social media has brought us all closer together. Sometimes that's a good thing. But when it comes to online shaming, it's a bad thing. Read more

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April 18, 2015

Needle and vial

If there isn't any evidence that vaccines cause autism, then why is anti-vaccination on the rise? Read more

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March 29, 2015

Fermented tea

Fermentation revivalists share a slow food philosophy, a DIY approach to foodcraft, and a deep interest in the health of the American gut.Read more

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March 15, 2015


Our planet is facing a mass extinction crisis. By the end of the century, we could lose up to half of all living species. But people are working hard to save endangered species and habitats, and a few scientists are even trying to bring lost species - like passenger pigeons and woolly mammoths...Read more

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January 25, 2015