Ehrenreich at a New York Times discussion

Speaking to Steve Paulson in 2010, Barbara Ehrenreich said that too often, our focus on positivity turns into a kind of victim blaming. She's been a champion of realism and determination.


Richard Holmes talks with Steve Paulson about how art and science influenced each other during the Romantic period.

 Marcel Proust (seated), Robert de Flers (left) and Lucien Daudet (right), ca. 1894

Jonah Lehrer says that the great French writer Proust described insights into the way the mind processes memory long before the scientists could prove how the brain worked.


Dianna Dilworth is a filmmaker and journalist. Her latest documentary is called "Mellodrama: The Mellotron Movie."

Thing 1 and Thing 2 mural

Brian Boyd talks with Anne Strainchamps about how our love of storytelling helped us evolve.

David Foster Wallace

Marshall Boswell, author of "Understanding David Foster Wallace" recalls that writer's fictional take on Alcoholics Anonymous.


Tina Bertoni provides a commentary on what it was like to hunt a bear.

"Field and Stream" Associate Editor Kim Hiss tells Anne Strainchamps about her first hunt.


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