Ghostly image

Kelly Link writes what she calls "slipstream fiction" — magical realist with a strong dose of weird.

book glasses

Some of the world's most celebrated scientists and artists have been dyslexic.  Cognitive scientist Maryanne Wolf says dyslexia can be a gift, but schools must learn how to teach dyslexics to read.

A hummingbird drinks nectar

Christopher Benfey tells Anne Strainchamps why there was a hummingbird craze in 19th century Massachsetts, how artists and poets used them as symbols, and why they seem like winged jewels.


Steve Paulson talks with 2006 Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk about living a secular life in an Islamic world. Pamuk's novels include "Snow," from which we hear a reading.


Edward Wohl tells us about the death of his father in 1999.


When Steve was handed the assignment of interviewing Jorge Luis Borges — but with less than 24 hours to prepare — the opportunity felt like more of a curse than a blessing.

motor bike lady

Commentator Erika Monroe-Kane reflects on the appeal of driving really fast. Really fast.

A truck

Patti DiVita is a waitress in Elkorn, Wisconsin, and what's wrong with that? She tells Jim Fleming how she was inspired to make a movie about people in the food service industry.


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