Original Sin

Apple on the tree of knowledge

Tim Mossholder (CC0)

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A garden, a tree, an apple and a serpent.  The story of Adam and Eve is as old as sin.  But it’s a lot more than a Bible story. The doctrine of original sin shaped Christianity but also left its mark on everything from gun control to how we vote. In this episode, we consider the impact of original sin on politics, capitalism, psychology and beyond. 


Could a 1500-year-old Christian doctrine really have that much effect on lives and politics today?More

Reflection on beach

In a new book called "Born Bad," historian James Boyce argues that the concept of original sin is the foundation of Western thought. More

Original blessing

For theologist Danielle Shroyer, what happened in the Garden of Eden is a story of original blessing. More

Lone tree

Laird Hunt has written what is really three stories wrapped around each other: A famous lynching in Marion, the story of a song about it, “Strange Fruit,” and a new novel, which begins on that terrible day. More

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September 16, 2017
February 05, 2017
August 25, 2018
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