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Geoff Dyer

Geoff Dyer talks about his book, "Zona: A Book About A Film About a Journey to a Room."

scene from "Blade Runner 2049"

If you think you haven't seen any movies based on Philip K. Dick's work, you're probably wrong.  David Gill talks about Hollywood's adaptations of Dick's work.

Person walks in front of light wall.

Is this Philip K. Dick's world and are we just living in it? It sure seems like it these days. This hour, we explore his life and work. 

Marina Lutz grew up with a father who was obsessed with watching her. She discovered the full extent of his obsession as an adult, and made an award-winning short documentary about it called “The Marina Experiment.”

James Schamus

Do intellectuals have any place in Hollywood? James Schamus is a scholar of narrative theory who also runs a movie studio. In this NEW and UNCUT interview, Steve Paulson talks with Focus Features CEO Schamus.  

the slate on a movie set

These days, everybody wants to make a movie. And with today's technology, just about anyone can. In this hour of To The Best Of Our Knowledge, the rise of the indie film. Chris Gore talks about "My Big Fat Independent Movie." And we'll meet a former waitress who spent her life-savings to make a...

chris ware on "society is nix"

Whether you call them graphic novels or comic books, there’s no denying that they offer limitless creative storytelling possibilities. Chris Ware and Marjane Satrapi are two of the most critically-acclaimed graphic novelists. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, Ware and Satrapi will...

checkmate in chess

They say his stare could give you ulcers or migraines. It could even drive you crazy. In this hour of To The Best Of Our Knowledge, the greatest chess player ever, Garry Kasparov. His most famous opponent was the IBM supercomputer, Deep Blue. Kasparov shocked the chess world when, at...


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