Religion and Philosophy

hall of mirrors

The central question of Philip K. Dick's fiction is "What is reality?" Literary critic Umberto Rossi explains that Dick's work often contains many possible realities.

Stanislav Grof

Long before Timothy Leary's study of LSD, psychiatrist Stanislav Grof launched his own investigation of psychedelics.  Since then he's devoted his life to exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness.

candle in the dark

We explore one of the world's most controversial and secretive religions — Scientology.  Also, how much do we really know about the Mormon faith?


the amazon river

We meet an anthropologist whose life was transformed by Amazonian shamans and the hallucinogen ayahuasca.


Feeling hopeless? How about cake recipes for the Apocalypse? Shannon O'Malley offers a few of her favorite recipes.

We’ve heard your office looks like it was decorated by the Collyer Brothers, the famous book hoarders.  Do you have a book fetish?

Steve Paulson: No!  I have a library.  It’s true, I can get obsessive about books  – and yes, my...

Clocks and clocks and clocks

Mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme talks to Steve Paulson about the nature of time and the human obsession with clock time.


Whose Islam is it anyway? Is Islam for the Jihadists or the Sufis? The Indonesians, the Saudis? And what about a Muslim convert in say, Iowa? This time on To the Best of Our Knowledge, a closer at who's claiming, and reclaiming, Islam. From the Sufi spiritualism of a Senegalese pop star to the...


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